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Introduction of Mao Shuagun's process and the use of spring brush

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Mao Shuagun in strip pickling, hot galvanized, play an important role in the color coating production line. Brush roller in the steel industry production process are mainly spiral wound, internal welding assembly type, screw type brush bite piece assembly. Brush wire is generally used in diameter 0.5 nylon or abrasive nylon wire. Use life cycle occlusal type brush and accounted for dominant position, it is composed by a single brush sleeve, keys, brush roll shaft, end plate is an integral brush roller assembly form.
  The nylon brush is made of a single piece of brush, and a combination of single chip brush sets, and press fit on the roller shaft of the brush roller. Has the advantages of simple structure, reasonable design, long life characteristics can be increased in the brush roll shaft length single brush set installation quantity 10% or so, and can high density filling bristles, and improve the cleaning quality. After the whole brush roller assembly, the whole outer circle of the nylon brush roller is improved and the balance degree of the brush roller is improved.
  Spring brush applied to glass machinery, textile printing and dyeing machinery, iron and steel industry, automobile industry, pharmaceutical machinery, electronic industry, packaging machinery, printing machinery, household electrical appliance industry, the doors and windows industry, furniture industry, tobacco machinery, food machinery, beverages, fruits, vegetables, sanitation, environmental protection, industry products cleaning, cleaning, polishing, sealing, water absorption and high temperature strip delivery.

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