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The processing and application of brush bristle brush industry

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The processing and application of brush bristle brush industry:
  In all sectors of society, industrial brush application is extremely broad, including almost all of the industry, such as glass, textile printing and dyeing, steel, automotive, pharmaceutical, electronics, packaging, printing, electrical appliances, windows and doors, furniture, cigarettes, food, beverages, fruits, vegetables, sanitation, environmental protection and other industry products, cleaning, cleaning, polishing, sealing, water absorption and high temperature of the strip conveying;
  The bristle brush is an important part of industrial brushes, such as textile industry of singeing machine special brush roller, sub picture machine scutching roller and mostly applied to the bristle brush.
  Bristle quality standards regardless of black, white mane, as long as the fully equipped with the following quality standards, column for the first-class products, the lack of one or two persons, slightly lower quality for products, the lack of two or more for three products. 1. The black maned quality standards: black color and luster, no yellow Maojian tea: hair root stout; bifurcated tip is not deep; Yuan Miscellaneous wool; wet; without skin. Ash and other impurities. Quality standard: 2 white mane with yellow and black hair with less oil;; other quality standard black bristles.
  During the processing of bristle brush:
  1. By the processing of raw materials into hair shop or mixed bristle classify pig hair by hair color, and excised including abdominal hair, tail hair, bad hair and debris; selected scoparia add water to ferment 24 hours after removing the incompletely loose skin, the fur is dispersed; loose pig hair washed with water, and then iron comb the hair, dander, hair removal and washing as a; will net hair dryer to dry the hair shop, can be sold.
  2. Gross spread made of semi finished paving the hair with a rope tied in the small wood, put in the pot steamed, the curved bar straightening and to add luster to, removing fishy foul, achieve the effect of disinfection and sterilization.
  3. Finished products with a comb from the root to tip in order to comb tick classification placed, to short: using two hands Qingcuo, straighten out the head and tail; grading tied to in accordance with the provisions of the appropriate mix of bristles at all levels, and then comb hair evenly; after initial inspection and reinspection of the root is ground, with wood beat together, the convex hair cut off; inspection immediately packaging.

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