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Brief introduction of washing machine brush

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The brush on the washing machine is the most important part of the automatic washing machine, is the only and the car paint were in direct contact with the components.
  Brush quality directly affects the quality of the car wash. The short term users will not perceive, inferior brush after a month of continuous use, which greatly reduced the glossiness of the vehicle. China's washing machine market car wash brush according to the time sequence can be roughly divided into four kinds of cloth brush, brush cotton, fibre brush, foam brush.
  Also the foam brush also the difference between domestic and imported, domestic foam brush has the advantages of low price, loose material, easy to break, little support to body contact, affecting the cleanliness. Domestic foam brush is basically processed into thin strips, is not conducive to the vehicle's dirty parts cleaning. Imported foam brush (more than the origin of the United States) of the material closely, high wear resistance. Especially the horizontal installation, effectively solve the foam brush too soft property, scrub the vehicle can paint protection, and can provide adequate cleaning efforts, dewatering performance significantly superior to home-made foam brush, but its high import prices cannot let most of the washing machine manufacturers accepted.
  Brush brush cloth material in the early 90's of the last century from Japan to Taiwan, and then came to the mainland. The brush wash is good, short service life, easy to wrap with gravel. In the washing process if the vehicle is not by the high-pressure water gun pretreatment, then sand body is easy to being wrapped around the brush Bree, on the body leave obvious scratches.
  Cloth brush is also easy to roll with rain wiper, use the process of using adhesive tape to the wiper is fixed, otherwise easily damaged. However, due to the material cost is very low, is still part of the manufacturers choose. In small washing machine used in the process prone to accidents, the brush in less than two years of popular domestic is gradually being the major manufacturers abandoned. At present, it is mainly used in various types of large washing equipment. Washing machine brush, is characterized by lightness, high cleanliness, good dehydration, especially suitable for use in North area.

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