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Mao Shuagun's attention before using

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Mao Shuagun's attention before using:
  Brush roller, just as its name implies is on the roller shaped objects is planted on the brush filaments (nylon, plastic wire, wire, pig, horse hair, etc.) and the formation of.
  When people in the use of brush and at the same time, sometimes found in one way or another, and therefore produce the question of the quality of the products, in fact, as long as the manufacturers and manufacturers pay attention to the following several points, then you can well eliminate the brush roller product problems may be.
  1, first of all in the factory must brush roller, cleaning, packaging, because in the planted hair hair peace process will produce a lot of broken hair, so in front of the pack to sort of wire brush, and to the broken hair to clean up.
  2, from manufacturers to use manufacturers in the process of transportation, in order to prevent debris, dust on the wire brush dip to use packaging box, packaging bags and other packaging materials packaging, so as to prevent the loss of hair brush roller.
  3, in the use of the manufacturers do not have to be careful not to be directly exposed to the outside (without any packaging), placed on the ground or in a polluted environment.
  4, to cushion in the head of the brush roller, brush to keep upright, clean.

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