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Brief introduction of pressing brush roller application in metallurgical industry category

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Modern metallurgical industry, many production processes and procedures will be applied to the brush roller products, introduced below.
  1, pre pickling line (Pre-Pickling Line): mainly to brush roller descaling.
  2, pickling line (Pickling Line): mainly used the brush roller to remove stains produced in the pickling process.
  3, cleaning line with the line: for effective degreasing and activated ester containing surface; and removal of electrolyte solution in the continuous oil; can be less than 150 meters / rate of line wear off rust or oil.
  4, Rod and Steel Tube (Wire): the main role is in addition to scale.
  5, stainless steel wire, stainless line: use brush roller descaling to avoid silver bronze effect; and thermal annealing and pickling line, to reduce the peak to valley height (polished), can be used in the finishing process in the continuous annealing and pickling line.
  6, (Coil Coating) coil continuous plating: in order to obtain the effective treatment of chromium coating and closely attached to the steel plate.
  7, Line Galvanizing: used to remove impurities on the surface of the steel plate, activating the surface of the steel plate.
  8, surface treatment (surface with steel line line: for washing plate before plating, the mild grinding activation on the surface of the plate.
  9, roller polishing (Roll Polishing): use brush roller to remove impurities on the surface of the work roll.

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