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Industrial brush (roll) application and material selection

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Industrial brush, brush roller, brush application range is wide, the selection of manufacturing materials also according to different use environment differ, industrial brush category more abundant and miscellaneous, simple analysis is as follows.
  A range of applications, industrial brush roller
  1, all kinds of industrial products and materials, cleaning, polishing, etc..
  2, metal metal materials surface treatment.
  3, printed circuit board surface cleaning and grinding.
  Anyway, industrial brush and widely used in metallurgical industry, for example: high temperature strip conveying, rough surface processing, surface cleaning, removing the oxide skin, plate polishing.
  Two, including abrasive nylon brush roller application range
  Containing abrasive nylon brush roller, imported nylon 612, and domestic nylon 1010, combined with investment in 20-40% of abrasive materials for brush and wire materials processing forming. It has very high strength, rigid, fatigue resistance, chemical resistance, melting point higher advantages, belonging to the brush roller with high strength wear resisting.
  Abrasive nylon brush roller for galvanized steel blast cleaning machinery, food machinery and other industrial equipment etc..
  Three, pipe brush, wash bottle brush application range
  1, wash the bottle brush to remove tube bottles, plastic bottles, glass bottles, medicine bottles dirt inside the, brush with nylon bristles and other materials. Can be made according to the size of bottle brush.
  2, mechanical parts of the deep hole, hole, the size of the hole, Kong Xianglian in the process will produce burr, burr can improve the quality of parts, is an important part of machining process. It is necessary, economical and efficient to use the channel brush to deal with small holes.
  Four, the application scope of industrial brushes
  1, home door brush (800 and 850, 900, 1000) to press the door wide preparation, with pest control dust, prevent summer air-conditioning loss function.
  2, industrial vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaner.
  3, revolving door brush, car door brush (sealing role), automatic lift dust brush.
  4, building materials, equipment cleaning brush tool retainer, industrial equipment sealing brush, material available hardwood, metal, PVC, plastic, rubber, canvas and so on.
  Five, industrial brush application and material
  For industrial machinery parts, sheet metal, stone, glass, electronic display cleaning, polishing, polishing, rust. Size can be customized according to mechanical size. The selection of materials of steel, nylon bristles, wool, silk, sisal, abrasive silk etc..

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