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Brush material introduction

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Brush material:
  Resolution quality is the key to determine the quality of brush, brush hair texture. Mao Feng was a natural arc. The whole brush required by artificial pruning, such as angle Blusher Brush, arc-shaped honey paint, levels of pruning and uniform in order to brush out perfectly obedient make-up, use no tingling.
  Generally speaking, the animal Mao Diaomao wool with white mountain peak is makeup brush hair the best material, marten hair elastic good material of choice for the eye shadow brush; and white mountain peak wool is big brush with the finest material. Past mass for artificial wool poor poor quality impression, now because of the development of science and technology and research using new material to produce soft tactility is comfortable and can show natural makeup of Persian wool, especially of animal hair or sensitive skin.
  Professional brush brush is generally divided into two kinds of animal hair and artificial wool. Although the natural animal hair distribution complete cuticle, hair soft, eat powder saturation level, the color evenly docile, but not every animal hair are suitable for human skin use, animal hair itself has a variety of classification. Due to animal hair samples of different parts and brush quality texture and application effect, tactility is very different, the general public is difficult to visually distinguish and applicability of the quality of the material.

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